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Lets Go Green Telecoms

FIBRE & TELECOMS: Internal & External Networks


Lets Go Green Ltd. is a leading telecom services provider across core telecom network technology including...









We partner with many leading sector vendors and we hold a growing portfolio of direct clients. We will engage on projects comprising individual network segments through to complex integrated solutions.

We have comprehensive experience in the implementation of:

• Cable management system implementation (including tray work & trunking)

• Full testing facilities (Factory Acceptance Testing/System Acceptance Testing)

• Structured cabling installation - LAN / WAN solutions

• Fibre installation - splicing and testing

• 75 / 120 ohm cabling and DDF/MDF terminations and systems

• On-site installation, Commissioning & Integration

• Power - AC /DC (fully certified and 16th edition electricians)

• Equipment recovery and refurbishment

• Mechanical engineering solutions 

• Roadside and trackside installations

• Equipment enclosure manufacture

• Pre-site rack build and installation

• Equipment infrastructure installation

• Network implementation, configuration and optimisation

• De-installation and network rationalisation

• Project management

• Technical resourcing and resource allocation

• Logistics and warehousing

• Site surveys and quality audits

• Rigging and wireless solutions

• Materials and equipment procurement

The key strengths of LGG LTD are:

• The delivery of a high quality, fully compliant and flexible service

• Our engineers have extensive industry experience in the field

• Industry, technological, project management and field expertise 

• Preferred supplier status with leading blue chip telecoms network operators and equipment vendors

• Leading warehouse equipment tracking systems delivering cost savings to customers and ensuring asset tracking and traceability

• Experience of working in network operator equipment rooms

• Proven Quality, Health and Safety and environmental processes

Fibre Networks

• Installation of ducting products and fibre cables using traditional pulling methods and blown fibre techniques.

• Complete fibre trunk installations, including ODF terminations, jointing and testing.

• Business Installations including internal cabling and termination requirements, either point to point or customer to Hub/Switch (including necessary network provisioning).

• Complete range of testing requirements for both Single Mode and Multi Mode Networks, including, OTDR, ILM, CD & PMD tests at a range of wavelengths.

• Fibre overlay schemes and network upgrades

• Diversionary Works for existing fibre networks.

• Motorway and Highway Agencies communications systems installations.

• Network Audits and Evaluations

• Fibre network planning for both new build and legacy networks.

Coaxial and Copper Networks (Analogue, Digital and Broadband)

• Building and configuration of Headends and Hubsites.

• New network build, including installation & commissioning of all cabling, active and passive equipment.

• Network evaluation and upgrades to facilitate new product deliveries.

• Testing across the full broadband spectrum, both analogue and digital.

• Network maintenance, both preventative and continual, to provide the client with optimum network performance.

Installation and Commissioning of a range of Data Transmission services

• WAN Links Employing X.21 protocol

• G703 Links For delivery of Primary Rate ISDN: Q931, DASS2 and DPNSS or data transmission converters.

• Routers: Basic installation of preconfigured and ping testing

• Business Cabinets designed, built and installed - supplying a full range of services to the customer.