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Lets Go Green Ltd is a Facilities Management Company that manages your carbon reduction needs in many key areas: Air Conditioning, Gas Heating, Water Testing and Risk Assessments, Civils, Refurbishment, Electrical Installation, BT 21st Century Network, Structured Cable & Fibre, Cable Recovery & Recycling, Green Energy Solutions, Tailored Recruitment, Labour Sourcing and Staff/Management Training Solutions.

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Lets Go Green Ltd have a number of Office Facilities and Refurbishment services to offer.

Let’s Go Green Ltd has developed a revolutionary new cable extraction device - The Gator Cable Extractor.

Lets Go Green Ltd have been heavily involved the NGA cabinet contract across the UK. To date we have successfully installed over 2000 cabinets.

Let’s Go Green Ltd are the preferred provider to Telcos Worldwide for cable recovery using CE Approved equipment/plant and cable-extraction accredited staff.

Let’s Go Green Ltd conduct fully managed services in Water Management including assessing and ongoing provision to meet your Commercial/Industrial needs.

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Lets Go Green Ltd. is a leading telecom services provider across core telecom network technology.

Power Cable Recovery

OIL-FILLED POWER CABLE RECOVERY Cable Diversion: 100% oil capture...

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Let’s Go Green Ltd have 10 years of experience in developing techniques for the efficient removal of the oil from the cable system leaving an inert, yet valuable, asset buried in the ground.