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Let’s Go Green are fully aware of the importance of clean water. We address our clients’ existing water Management schemes and advise and implement fully managed Water Management services on long term contracts.

WATER: Testing | Treatment | Usage Reduction services

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We are very proud to be a recognised and current supplier to EMCOR UK providing a fully Managed Service for; Sampling/Testing/Water Risk Assessments and we provide a fully documented Management Tracking Programme, accessible using our ‘On-Line’ portal giving real time results/updates.

We also supply reactive teams to be on our client site within the hour in the London Area, and within 5 hours outside of the M25. Please look at our other water services products.

Tel: 01798 875 056

email: ops@lggltd.co.uk


Let’s Go Green are able to offer a bespoke service, keeping you up-to-date with legislation and worry-free regarding Legionella control.

Let’s Go Green are able to offer a bespoke service, keeping you up-to-date with legislation and worry-free regarding Legionella control.

From sampling to boilers and cooling towers and our new on-line document recording management system, our water treatment services are unrivalled.

Our trained risk assessment and risk review engineers are able to cover the whole of the UK.

All Let’s Go Green Trained L8 Engineers are deployed to sites to collect samples and document where, when and what time for 100ml hot (legionella) and 50 ml cold (TVC’s, Ecoli, Coliforms) samples were taken.

All samples are then transported in refrigerated containers to our UCAS approved laboratory within 5 hours of the sample being taken.


Usage Reduction

At Let’s Go Green Ltd, we strive to develop new ideas for our clients to provide the best information and solutions for water use and treatment and an overall greener way of working.

We have recently developed, combining mechanical and biological knowledge a way of dramatically reducing the amount of water used in urinals.

The breakthrough came when we looked more closely at the market and its apparent need for installation of new urinals and new plumbing to achieve water reduction.

After investigation the solution was a simple biological product that eats away at scum buildup in the pipe work (reducing blockages) and negates the need for installation of new urinals and plumbing and the associated disruption problems that process would incur.

The new system reduces water usage, it does not need gimmicky urinals in order to work and combines with in-situ urinals and pipe work.

We can also offer a commercially viable maintenance package to work hand in glove with the system.


Reduces the cost of water bills which, in turn, will go to the end user’s bottom line? (More to spend in other areas?).

The LGG Ltd system dramatically reduces the flow flush of water to the urinals. The LGG Ltd widget is installed in the waste exit point of the urinal. This allows the good bacteria to naturally degrade the compounds that cause scaling and bad odours.


No more unpleasant smell of decomposing urine. Our product has the smell of citrus fruits. Also unsightly deposits from hard water and uric acid safely removed.


No more inconvenient and expensive blockages or need for potentially damaging rodding around the system. Our product also dissolves solids that form in pipes and traps.

Build up of Uric Acid over a period of time leads to scaling that can cause blockages and overflows in high useage areas. Hard water scale (calcium and magnesium carbonates) can also build up in addition having the same effect and compounding the problem. Strong and toxic chemicals that are available on the mass market may only briefly have any effect, but have a detrimental impact on our environment.


Easily installed and replaced by LGG Ltd staff. Much better working conditions and no need for Toxic chemicals that are also a threat to our environment. Our system is just 1 flush per day.

Key benefits of our system...

Lets Go Green

The product is tried and tested and is not toxic. We are currently calculating that the potential cost savings in a time of Corporate and Social Responsibility could be considerable.

LGG Ltd have calculated that for eg. South Harrow station the following could be achieved...

1 x 9 litre normal cistern flushing

6 x per hour 24 hours a day = 1296 litres per day

The above over a year would use 473,040 litres 473 cubic metres of water per year .

Taking the current costs from Thames Water charge rates,

1 x Cubic metre of water costs £1.15 + 54p for waste totalling £1.69 per cubic metre (1000 litres = Cubic metre).

This gives you a yearly cost of £799.37 + Blockage call outs and remedial work.

We believe that we can bring your water costs to a yearly outgoing  cost of £11.10 with no blockages and also giving you a reduction in CO2 of 82kgs per urinal.

We have also calculated that on the JNP lines there are 117 urinals which if our system was used on a role out could translate to the following savings...

Typical example...

Current System in Place

LGG Proposed System

Per Urinal

Total of 117 units

Per Urinal

Total of 117 units

Water Usage
per urinal

473 cubic mtrs

55341 cubic mtrs

6.57 cubic mtrs

768.69 cubic mtrs

Cost of Water






82.78 kgs

9685.26 kgs / 9.69 tons

1.15 kgs

134.55 kgs /
.134 tons


Per Urinal

Total of 117 units

Water Usage
per urinal

466.43 cubic mtrs

cubic mtrs

Cost of Water




81.63 kgs

9.556 tons